ZIS-115 and other Josef Stalin`s armoured limousines

Posted by Dmitriy Dashko on 2019/3/19 1:21:34
Hello, i am author of big book about Stalin`s armoured postwar car ZIS-115, most secret soviet car. The book wrote on russian language, but i can sell with a book the digital version with recognized text. The required text can be translated in the online translator.
Cost 45$+ 23 shipping to US (only Paypal)

1) Cars used by Stalin in 1922-1949 years (armoured Packards end other)
2) Domestic cars with special protection
- ZIS-101 armoured projects, design bureau
-armoured models ZIS-110S and ZIS-115
-the ZIS`s of third series for foreign communistic leaders
3)features of automobile trips of the first persons of the Soviet state (Stalin`s years)
4) the fate of stalin's armored cars
5) applications

Official publisher site: http://autoar.org/publish/zis-115-i-drugie-stalinskie-broneviki/

Online buy: https://adarka.ru/knigi/auto/zis-115-i-drugie-stalinskie-broneviki/

My other books: http://autoar.org/publish/

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