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Posted by Guscha On 2023/10/21 5:20:49
A few days ago I was driving through a German village and saw work on a Soviet off-road vehicle "UAZ" in front of an open garage. I stopped and watched the installation of the water pump impeller. The car already had a modern replacement engine from a Russian third party manufacturer (GAZ, manufacturer of the Chaika) and a Japanese-made radiator. Then my eyes fell on the water pump shaft seal, which looked strangely familiar. Please compare the photos shown below for yourself.
The first pic shows the shaft seal of a (kind of) modern GAZ, the second a seal of the ZIS-110. I then searched the Internet for water pump seals from other Soviet vehicles. The last picture shows a spare part gasket, but this time from a Soviet heavy truck KraZ-255B that I sometimes drove during my time in the army.
I'm profoundly convinced to find the same seal installed in a 1942 Packard.

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