Re: "1999" Packard to be auctioned on eBay May 26

Posted by Packard53 on 2009/5/23 18:08:52
Owen: Maybe what you said about PAC inviting him maybe true, however that is not what I heard from some people I know.

I guess somewhere in between is the truth.

Craig has stated that the 99 Packard was as the 100 birthday
that PI put on, I find it very strange that Gullickson would have turned down an offer by PAC to show his 1999 Packard at Warren.

Thanks for clearing up the post by ECA on the story that
was in a prior edition of the Packard Cormorant. After reading his post. I took that the story was entirely about the Gullickson effort.

John F. Shireman

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