Re: "1999" Packard to be auctioned on eBay May 26

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2009/5/23 18:38:35
Craig has stated that the 99 Packard was as the 100 birthday that PI put on, I find it very strange that Gullickson would have turned down an offer by PAC to show his 1999 Packard at Warren.

John, yes, not doubt - two sides to every story. Originally PAC and PI had some sort of agreement to combine forces in the Centennial at Warren but in the end PI went their own way in Cleveland. The real shame is that the two of them couldn't put aside whatever their differences were for just one time to celebrate the Centennial. Maybe they decided to wait another 100 years to reconcile. That said, there were MANY PI members at Warren.

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