Re: "1999" Packard to be auctioned on eBay May 26

Posted by Roman On 2009/5/23 19:36:30
Portlandon makes a great point! It DOES look alot like a Tucker!

Actually, I look at it THIS way....

I would love nothing more than to buy a NEW Packard....that would be just awesome! I would guess that if Packard was around today, it WOULD be up to the standards, quality and prestige of a Rolls Royce (I didn't say it would look like one)!

SECONDLY, on the other hand;

I think that Packard, (and other Independents like it) have the ''last laugh'' of sorts. Today, Duesenbergs, Packards, Pierce-Arrows and the like are priceless automobiles. They didn't have government regulations, miles of smog control hoses and equipment bogging them down. They didn't have to worry about bad designs and egineering in the 1970's......Packard and the others are for the most part, priceless peices of art...and are treasured for what they WERE. The history and prestege will NEVER go away....unlike Cadillac, Imperial, and others that lost their way. Thats my opinion.


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