Re: "1999" Packard to be auctioned on eBay May 26

Posted by 55PackardGuy On 2009/10/25 1:29:50
Well, did this thing sell?

I always thought it was pretty tastefully done. If they really wanted to sell it, they had to make the styling fairly mainstream. Would anybody suggest a massaged '56 style? I don't see how it could be done.

The side view is probably least appealing to me. The bulges are too pronounced. Front and back are better. I like the clever way that the PACKARD badge was integrated with the grill. A unique styling touch.

The engine bay looks nice and clean, but slapping that big aluminum plenum on top of everything leaves nothing much to look at, other than the spiffy valve covers.

Interesting they noted that the engine is available in "special" GM pickups and SUVs. They must be pretty special. Anyone seen an actual application? Maybe only available for special national security deployment...

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