Re: ZIL-111

Posted by Ozstatman on 2009/7/5 3:21:40
Guscha wrote: Mal,......You really have surprises in store. I can't say how much you made me happy with information and pictures of Soviet automobiles.......He meanwhile speaks an excellent German, you should follow his example. ......


To quote a phrase.....It was a dark and stormy seriously..... today was a lovely mild winters day here, sunny and 16C. Reason I start my tale that way is because PACA had it's monthly run today, Sunday 5th July, to the Australian Motorlife Museum about 100kms south on a beautiful and clear sunny day. And because, back in early March, I'd scouted the museum as a possible destination for a monthly run and at that time one of the volunteer staff there gave me the magazine now in your hands. For you to receive it today must be "deja vu", if it's not I don't know what is!

As for speaking German, I have enough trouble with "Aussie English", so I'll leave it at that!

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