Re: ZIL-111

Posted by Steve on 2009/12/24 16:08:26
I would like to show you pictures of the A/C. But while selecting pictures my eyes fell on the tremendous bumper of the ZIL. Its dimension are more reminiscent of a medieval battering ram than a bumper and consistent with the rear lights and their cathedral style and cathedral size. So let me start with a question about the Packard Caribbeans. What material is the bumper made of?

You are right about the remark that the pumper is more adjusted
to be medieval battering ram than a bumper. I think the designers had that in mind: lets say there would be a road block and the ZIL 111 was made to ram its way thru it.
ZIL 111 was designed also to be a car for high ranking communistic party members. So a question emerges: was there
ever any attempt to assassin a communistic VIP person?
As far as I can say I don't have the answer to this question.

I think they used a thicker material to make these pumpers
then by a normal Soviet car, I think it was steel,that later was chromed but im not sure in this.

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