Re: ZIL-111

Posted by James Butcher on 2010/8/17 21:37:31

I am sure you would make me happy, wasn't debating that. Wasn't even trying to get into a disagreement over semantics. Keep in mind that I didn't even know these cars existed until more recently other than growing up seeing a few as Russian limousines. If the ZIL and Packard are the same exact car, no need to go through the trouble of frame scans for them as I already have all the Packard frames from 1946-1958. But since I saw the movie "Babylon AD" and the 1977 GAZ frame as the car was hoisted into the air, it caught my attention that it was unique and wondered about the background history? Obviously the 1960 GAZ looked like a Packard but anything past that I am not sure or what they were trying to immitate or steal from? It is no secret I have a fascination about automobiles with X-frame technology. The tubular X that General Motors introduced on the 1957 Cadillac (I have frame scan as well as US Patent diagrams for this) was inspired by the Mercedes 300D frame of the early 1950s (that too I am still trying to find a chart for). The 1977 GAZ seems to have a frame design similar to both yet not quite and wondered if it was especially made for those cars for how many years and if inspired by what? Having a chart representative would be nice to actually see what they look like and know when they stopped using the X-frame?



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