Re: 1937 Packard Boattail Speedster Replica

Posted by Petter on 2009/8/11 5:44:12
Gibbon, that place I remember from that advert I say.
No company still in production?
Is it possible to read the article in The Packard Cormorant #131 (Summer 2008, page 28) in some way for a non member yet?
Any one how still have the part mould from "2nd Chance"?
Then I tray to find some on internet I have only sean bad "look a likes". The advert I say then I was younger have get picture in my back head for many years know and it seams like that I mabe should be abel to start my prodjekt in a copal of years. I have the engine and gearbox and would like a Packard 33 body that should go well togheter.

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