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Posted by Guscha on 2011/9/4 12:53:08
Joel (packards1), in your capacity as Father of the House you couldn't fail to notice that BigKev created years ago a separate corner at for the ZIS/ZIL fraction not only to conform to members wishes but also to reflect a Packard connection of historic interest.
Perhaps hard to believe but as one of the residents in the Moscow district of over the years I contacted Kevin a couple of times to express my concerns about a potential "contamination" or even sovietization.

Just to allege an example I voted against the ZIS/ZIL expansion into the photo archive to keep its purity of variety. You won't find a Russian manual online, no entry in the Model Info, nothing to find in the Parts X-Ref, zero books in the Bookshelf - all we ever did was to seek (and find) talks within the borders of the forums and in the confines of technical/historical context. At the very moment when one of the ZIS threads became the most frequented thread at the website I asked Kev to close the complete red department because of disproportion and bowed out.
To restrict the (optical) brand presence I fanned out my activities to several but miniaturized threads, here and there an information in droplet form instead of daily broadsides. To let questions unanswered for weeks isn't always easy (and everything else than polite) - perhaps a suitable moment to send greetings to Howard (HH56), Keith (PackardV8) and Roger (Randerson), just to mention a few and to say a big thank you to Dave (Owen), Brian (BH), Mal, Dave (JD), Kevin, Randy, Steve, Rusty and many, many others for the inspiring exchange of ideas and tons of fun.
Joel, yesterday it happens that a handful of ZIS related posts came in at one sweep - exceptions prove the rule. It might be possible that their proximity of time has been the sensory stimulus for your post.
Cousins are children of one's aunt or uncle or any relative who shares a common ancestor. I kindly ask you to tolerate them as part of the ambient noise that animates the forum discussions.

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