Re: Chaika/GAZ... better looking than Packard? Horrors!

Posted by Guscha On 2011/1/24 15:33:06
...That prototype GAZ-13 reminds me of a '58 Ambassador particularly in the execution of the headlights, hood and upper grille...

Oh, really?

Steve (58L8134), I know for sure that you have the hang of identifying and comparing cars and sometimes when people ask for help to identification you identify the car, the filling station in the background and the surrounding countryside at one sweep

This time I will try to hold your pace.
Perhaps good to know that the above shown face lift was made in 1961 (JFK, Bay of Pigs Invasion, iron curtain, first space flight, South Africa became a republic and left the Commonwealth, Antarctic Treaty System, Boeing CH-47 Chinook, Amnesty International and WWF have been founded, a girl later known as Lady Di was born and Ernest Hemingway died). In searching for a suitable pattern the talk is around the late fifties. The scene plays in CCCP, the location is a design department wether in Gorky (GAZ) or the Moscow Research Automobile Laboratory, known as NAMI, being a kind of Soviet central design studio. In those days it had been a Soviet tradition since decades to design by help of US-American patterns - in consequence of the technological gap, the unfreedom of thinking / doing / farting / being, the dependence structures, however, but not because of mental laziness or inability.

An American car with relation to Packard, built around the late fifties, equipped with V8 and double exhaust system, latest design, curved grille and bumper, panorama windshield, lettering on the hood, four eyes, ... well, the 1958 Studebaker Commander/President could be taken into consideration.

BTW Al (acolds), that would be your field of expertise!

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