Re: Chaika/GAZ... better looking than Packard? Horrors!

Posted by Guscha On 2011/1/25 3:27:14
"...all were incredibly well executed! Who'da thunk it?..."

Roger, I think that you are a certified car nut! Me too.
Never mind that some of my pics push them but even almost hand built Soviet cars do not deserve perfect scores and do not stand comparison with US American engineering design, material quality and build quality. It doesn't hurt to dream and it is far from me to suddenly rouse somebody from slumber. Lucid dreaming could be a suitable answer to the problem. The better way would be to touch a Chaika and to drive it. After a short period of disillusion you probably would come to the viewpoint that Soviet cars are what we make of them. From an aesthetic point of view they are brittle beauties behind a curtain of mist, shadowy, always steeped in legends. What a wonderful coincidence that I prefer woman with slightly curved nose!
To uphold their reputation as part of Soviet-time pictures of otherness and secretiveness an owner of a Chaika from time to time should throw a few drops naturally cloudy water to the radiator. Puff is part of the trade.

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