Re: Chaika/GAZ... better looking than Packard? Horrors!

Posted by Guscha On 2011/1/25 16:41:31
Let's start with the issue of Russian selling efforts.

...Were Tshaikas sold to foreigners?...

The sales activities of Soviet motor vehicle industry haven't been confined to Western Europe. But to call Chaika's a mentionable sales hit would be blue-sky propaganda. At the highest estimate (free valuation) I think no more than a couple of dozen were sold.
I remember a newspaper article talking about Chaika sales representatives in Finland but to my knowledge it was related to a succeeding model, the GAZ-14. The below shown advertisement was published in a Finnish local newspaper.
Would love to know details of price policy, spare parts supply and their network of repair shops ...

Thanks for the link to a Finnish Chaika. That car is waiting in a secluded nook of the world, forlorn in silence.

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