Re: Chaika/GAZ... better looking than Packard? Horrors!

Posted by R Anderson On 2011/2/1 16:30:49
Sorry, I've been away and didn't see these until today - great pics, Gerd - as always! ...ya, a car nut I am, hardly ever met a car that I didn't like, or at least find pretty darn interesting! No doubt Chaikas weren't put together as well as US cars... hey, it helps to have practice making 10+ million cars every year! CCCP mechanicals were probably kept simple and rugged to deal with the primitive road conditions outside of the few big cities? And selling them to foreigners a challenge, maybe due to a lack of dealer and part networks, and to styling, though of my favorite era the mid 50s, that was always years behind! But they sure did a good job with what they had to work with, imo.

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