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Posted by Steve on 2012/4/15 4:27:53
Castrol oil based brake fluids where used on Soviet cars from 1930s-1992. The for runner for DOT-1 brake fluid did not come until 1970, with the introduction of a new car model VAZ 2101( Fiat-124 Soviet style).
In the late 80s most,new Soviet cars had DOT-1(2) has a brake fluid.
The Castrol oil based brake fluid was called BSK.It has a red or orange color and a distinctive smell.
The problem with Castrol based oil is that it gets sticky after 10 years(like a heavy lubricant) in use and can glogg the brake system. But unlike DOT fluids, the brake parts don't corrode as much.
Only problem is that they have stopped to import it into europe these days. :(
Also a lot of car owners don't recomment this fluid no more, instead they rebuild there systems on DOT-4 fluid.

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