WEBSITE: Photo Posting Guidelines and Troubleshooting

Posted by BigKev On 2018/6/20 11:42:55
Ok, I know this question has been asked several times, so here are the official photo posting Guide Lines

For posting photos in the forums, the following should be observed or the forum software will simply discard your picture:

1) The picture must be a JPEG (.jpg) file

2) 10000x10000 pixel size or less preferred. Photos over 2048x2048 will get proportionally resized to 2048 x 2048 or less.

3) File-size of 10meg or less (preferred).

A note for those having problems posting photos from their Tablets or Smart Phones. Usually, by default those devices take photos that are extremely large, sometimes above the 10000x10000 picture limit we have here on the website. I recommend you change the default settings on that device to a size less than 10000x10000, or download one of the numerous free apps that can resize the photos for you and use that before uploading the photo. I use "Photo Resizer" which I downloaded from the Android App Store. Usually, you can open the app, select the photo(s) you want to resize, and then it will give you the option to save the resized photo to a new name, or replace the larger photo with the smaller one.

If you have a newer iPhone or iPAD, Apple defaults to HEIF format for its pictures. No internet browser supports this format natively. So you need to save them to JPEG (.jpg) before uploading or change the default format settings on the device to JPEG to prevent the issue altogether.

Also, another thing that may be a gotcha is the filename of the picture.

There is anti-virus/anti-hacking software that monitors the website here, and it could "false trigger" on the filename that matches any of the following conditions:

1) Long File Names: "This is my very first picture of my Packard at a show.jpg"

2) Special Characters: "PackardBody #5492's Engine.jpg"

3) More than one period: "Packard Pic Taken on 3.4.2015.jpg"

4) Some cameras/phones like to embed the date and time stamp into the filename and this is usually what hangs people up.

If you get a message like "Protector has detected attacking actions", that is 99% because it thinks the filename is fishy.

So, check those filenames, and resize the photos as needed before uploading, and that should solve most of the problems with attaching photos to the forums and the registry.

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