ELECTRICAL: Replacement Battery

Posted by BH on 2009/6/7 10:11:18
When replacing the battery in your Packard, whatever you happen to find in your vehicle (if there is a battery in there at all) may not be the same as what the factory installed.

Sometimes, the original equipment (OE) battery type is identified in the factory service manual. "Mechanical Specifications" were also published annually, as advance model information, in the Packard Service Counselor newsletter.

However, your OE battery may no longer be in production. While some have been reproduced, the cost is typically much higher than what you may be used to in the mass market.

When price is an issue and factory appearance is not, know that there may be another Group size available in the aftermarket that is reasonably close. Here's a link to a chart with critical dimensions:

BCI Battery Group Size Chart

Measure the battery tray, any holddown, and vertical space carefully before buying a battery. Keep in mind that some sizes, as reported by the BCI chart, vary a bit from one manufacturer to another, but the supplier's catalog will usually contain an application guide that shows the actual dimensions of their batteries, plus terminal type and location.

For those who desire an outward appearance more befitting of the period, check out the faux cases from:

Tar Topper

...though only available for Ford versions of the Optima and Group 24, maintenance-free, batteries, at present.

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