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Posted by BH on 2009/12/18 11:48:59
Member Bill_OBrien started a thread in the General Forum with a good idea - asking for members to list the Packards they own in their signature line, preferably with a link to the corresponding entry in the Packard Owner Registry.

They did a nice job of working out the details over the course of that thread, and I'd like to summarize the steps here as a primer for newcomers and a ready reference for the rest of us.

To edit your personal signature line to include that info:

1) Find your vehicle's entry in the Packard Owner Registry, highlight the URL as displayed in the address line of your browser window, and copy (Ctrl+C) it.

2) Back on the main page, click on the "Edit Account" link in the User Menu.

3) On the Edit Profile page, scroll down to the "Signature" section. Anything entered here will appear as a closing to every post you make in the forums.

4) In the "Signature" section of your profile, click on the Link button Original Image

5) Paste (Ctrl+V) the link (that you previously copied) into the text box of the pop-up and click on the OK button.

6) In the next pop-up that appears, type a name for the link; most people enter the year and model of their Packard. Click on the OK button, and the necessary code will be created automatically in the Signature text box.

7) Make sure the "Always attach my signature" option in your profile is set to "Yes".

8) When finished, scroll down and click on the Save button

Repeat as necessary for any other Packards you own and have registered.

Some members have also provided links to their project blog, by entering the URL with the caption "Project Blog", right next to the link for their car, but separated by a symbol - such as a "pipe" (|) or semicolon (;). The "pipe" character is entered as a shifted backslash (Shift+\).

If you don't wish to have your car(s) featured in the registry, you can still enter them as plain-text in your sig, without creating a link.

Having that info in the signature lines may help newcomers get to know other forum participants more quickly - by way of the cars they own and what they're doing with them.


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