GENERAL: Packards in TV and Movies

Posted by BH on 2010/9/11 17:01:52
Packard enthusiasts sure seem to enjoy spotting one of their favorite models on television or in films. In fact, there's an extensive thread on the subject right here on this site: packards in tv and movies.

Yet, one of the most complete lists on the web about vehicles in movies (and TV series) can be found at the Internet Movie Cars Database (, and Packards are well-represented, there.

That user-driven database is searchable on a variety of criteria, in addition to vehicle make. To quickly generate a current list of all entries for Packards in movies and TV series, use this link:

You can also choose a specific make from the IMCDb home page, but with an additional twist. From there, you will be taken to an intermediate page that allows you to select any one of the model names or chassis numbers, as found on the site for the specified make, which then generates a much narrower list of results. Here's a direct link to that page for Packard:

No matter which route you choose, the search results will be displayed as (thumbnail) images and sorted by make and model, by default, but I personally find the display as a list (without images) easier to digest. Also, when viewing the sorted results, just remember the old librarians' filing rule: "nothing comes before something".

Of course, nothing (and no one) is perfect. If you know of a vehicle appearance that's missing or find an error in the IMCDb, you can add to or help correct their database. To do so, you must be registered and logged-in, which is free. See that site's Help/FAQ page for additional details.

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