Re: Gosford Motor Museum Closure - Packards for Auction

Posted by Valentine on 2020/6/21 6:44:27
Dear all,

Thanks so much for this information. That has been really useful.

This is a beautiful car, but unfortunately I can see that it is not mine. With those photos I can see some differences. It has a different front badge (the Gosford/mine has the donut chaser with glass wings) and the steering wheel on the Gosford/mine is later version ('deluxe steer wheel'). Also, the Gosford Packard doesn't have a radio.

There must be import papers that have the VIN plate written down somewhere to authenticate the numbers '1235-2107'.

I have contacted the 1708 V12 roster keeper on the forum website to see if they have any further info.

Thanks again all for your help with this.

Seems like SA now has x2 Packard 1708 V12's, both very very similar.

Anyone have a contact for a chap on Kangaroo Island with a large blue Packard?

Thanks again


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