Re: Gosford Motor Museum Closure - Packards for Auction

Posted by Brian Wilson on 2020/6/22 21:15:11
Hi Rowan

Yes, the VPN number is the number on the plate for Packards. The plate is a repro but looks quite old and may have been on the car when it arrived here. If not, they probably used the TPN (Theft Proof Number - stamped on the firewall). The latter was often used as a chassis number in the US and also here. Unfortunately, the two are not related.

Maybe send the pics of both numbers and plead ignorance! Hopefully, they will check for both.

When the car was shipped to Australia, the shipper would have had to produce proof of ownership. That would usually be a US Title or Bill of Sale in the seller's (owner's) name showing the vehicle ID. But it was a long time ago so probably not traceable now.

It doesn't really matter which number shows on the Import Approval. Either will be acceptable for registration on club plates here.

Good luck with the search!



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