Packards at Hershey 2022

Posted by packardsix1939 On 2022/10/10 14:24:13
Thought I would share some of the photos of Packards I photographed last week at Hershey. There were some really nice ones, especially at the Southeby's auction.

1934 Super 8 Convertible Coupe: sold for $192,500, including commission

1941 Darrin 180 Convertible Victoria: sold for $264,000, including commission

1936 120 Sport Coupe: sold for $38,500, including commission. One of the best restored juniors I've ever seen. The interior was just stunning.

1928 526 Runabout: sold for $60,500, including commission. Very nicely restored in authentic period colors and with disc wheels. I think this car was the bargain of the day.

1936 1402 Convertible Sedan. Painted a lovely Wilshire Green. Sold for $96,250, including commission. Well bought, I think.

Will post more pictures later. Enjoy.

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