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Posted by Don 37 on 2013/8/17 19:35:49
Hello All,

I visited the nice gentleman with the CL listing on the 46 Limo. What I found that it was not a 1946 but a 1947 Custom Super Clipper Long WB Sedan. There is no divider Window if it had one it would be a 2150 He does have a good South Dakota title that says 1946. It was delivered in Dec 1946 so that's where I think the 1946 on the title came from. Now on the car, The body is about as solid as one could get doors shut solidly. There are two areas on the body that have some damage. Both are on the passenger side. The worst would be the hood It has a healthy dent that would need a better than average body man to fix and by the rear window towards the top of the car. Fairly minor on that damage. There is one window front passenger that also has a picture to show that below. Below are pictures of both.

The cars title shows 37,000+ miles and on the title there was a place to check if the mileage had rolled over 100.000 miles and that part was not checked. So its possible the mileage is correct at the 37k.

The car was bought new by a funeral home and then sold to a COOP still in SD. Then it came to Alabama.

The gentleman would like a smaller sedan in a possible trade, Does not have to be a Packard per say. But something in the 30's thru the 50's. He wants to be contacted by telephone which is on the CL listing.

The car is being stored outside and if you make a deal with him and you need storage for a couple of months I have room in one of my shops until you can pick it up( again up to 2 Months). (I just sold a 37 120 bus coupe and have not filled the hole that was created when it left my hobby shop.) It is only 10 miles off my daily commute and that would be a something I would do for free to help save this survivor.

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