Re: Various CL Pickings

Posted by PackardDon on 2020/12/4 19:34:15
That is an aftermarket A/C system in the 1954, not factory. If stock it would have had the 3-knob control panel above the steering column and fresh air scoops on the top of the rear fenders adjacent to the parcel shelf. The A/C unit itself was in the trunk.

Nice looking Cavalier but so many faults that it would cost quite a bit to get it back to stock. For example, the head studs are about an inch too long, have the wrong nuts (they appear to be the generic hardware store variety rather than the thicker 3/4" hex type required) and no thick washers underneath. The generator was relocated from below the power steering pump to the upper right side and wiring seems funky where visible.

I'm not sure if the Packard script should be on the trunk lid either but I'm not sure about that. First thought was that it was a 1955 lid.

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