Re: Various CL Pickings

Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2022/1/3 17:58:03

r1lark wrote:
Not surprised that '47 Clipper went so quickly......very low price for a running 8 cylinder car if it is indeed a rust free (which I guess you would expect in Tucson).

Wat, I think you underestimate Fred, she already knew about this car before you did.

I beg your pardon, Kind Sir, as you seem to (mis)underestimate me. I would never doubt Miss Fred. One cat or another has run my life for decades now.

Fred Story: the landlady (where the cars and Fred live) has a VRBO rental house up front near the hay house where the cars are and where Fred spends most of her time, we think. The people who post reviews of the house and accommodations have almost always mentioned Fred and what a good ambassador she is. So between this website and that one, she is becoming quite the internet sensation.

If that car had good floors (and a trunk floor, be still my beating heart), then it was offered at a damn fine price. No wonder it went quickly.

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