Re: Various CL Pickings

Posted by bkazmer on 2022/5/29 9:03:46
The data plates are just screwed onto the cowl, so often missing.
Of course many parts can be swapped, but some are easy.some difficult.

The first thing to check is the engine - 160's have the 356, 120's the 282.

Speaking as to 41-2, junior taillights as shown, simple oval. Senior taillights are chunkier multipiece design. Running board trim is short "L" shaped series on the end. Seniors are full length. Hood side trim is larger on seniors (cloissonne emblem on 180). flip out vents vs crank out vents. One piece bumpers vs multipiece bumpers. Grooved dash plastic vs flat. Radio grille all plastic vs mostly chrome. Different window garnish trim.

You could in theory change all of this (there are some other more subtle differences), but at some point you need to consider the likelihood.

The 160 bits on this car are easy ones to swap. The 120 parts are harder to change. So I think it's a 120. the sidemount covers are Packard, not Henney. The Henney covers have an exposed chrome flip up hinge.

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