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Posted by Packard Don On 2022/6/4 11:48:57
All glass and rubber was new when I owned it but it had sat outside for a couple years after the body work, then in my garage for over 30 years so deteriorated quite a bit. Apparently much of the glass is included but, as it's all flat, that is no problem one way or the other. This car had about 55k miles on it when I owned it.

As for who owns it now, it was apparently just purchased by the current owner from an upholstery shop owned by the previous owner after that person died. Apparently it had been reupholstered (non-stock), then moved outside without windows for reasons unknown. The current owners know little about it other than what I've told him.

Yes, the Club Sedan conversion was done professionally and, in fact, is the same as I’ve seen on factory Club Sedans where the window openings were still there but blanked over and below is a factory 120 Club Sedan photo. This 110 did not get the plate added but probably should! Unless I sold them with the car, I may still have the quarter windows from it too and I know I have the engine that matches the title!

Here’s a photo taken in Bellevue, WA when it was an everyday driver (I was a teenager then). The running board trim was from a late ‘40s or early ‘50s Hudson!

This was the only time I had ever put chains on it and I believe I still have those too along with a couple other bits that failed to go with it when it was sold!

This was a later 1940 model with the flattened bumper ends rather than the squished ends of the earlier models but it has an early trunk lid from a parts car, the difference being in the decorative emblem used and the location of the holes for mounting it. The tall grille guard was from my 1939 Six.

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