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Posted by packardsix1939 On 2023/3/3 11:34:03
Here are a few recent CL posts:

1928 526 Convertible Coupe. This car has been for sale for several years and keeps popping up from time to time. You would think that the seller would cut the price, but he keeps raising it. I like the car, but think he is way out of the ballpark. Car does have some charming features. Note the Clymer windshield spotlight; a popular accessory of the 1920's. Original documentation is impressive. Located in Lowell, MA.

1948 Packard Standard Eight sedan in Maryland. Model No. 2292. Original exterior, interior has been reupholstered in modern materials.

1957 Clipper Town Sedan. Ad says it is a '58 but it is definitely a '57. Very rusty and rough and probably only good for parts. Note '54 Henney hearse in the background of one of the photos. Located in Johnstown, PA.

1951 Packard 200 Deluxe Sedan. Looks pretty rough, but body appears to be relatively solid. Milwaukee, Wi:

1946 Clipper sedan. Needs everything. Albuquerque, NM, so it is probably rust free, at least:

Very nice original 1941 Clipper. Looks great. Ad states 25K original miles. Oregon:

Beautifully restored 1951 200 Deluxe sedan. Looks like it might be a deal. Bellingham, WA:

1956 Clipper Super. Nearly completed restoration. Does not look like it needs much more, other than some reassembly. Sacramento, CA:

Beautifully restored 1953 Patrician. Think it is one of the nicest I've seen of this model. Love the two-tone blue paint scheme. Los Angeles, CA area.

Not that much on CL anymore. Looks like more people are using FB these days.

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