Re: Various CL Pickings

Posted by Ernie Vitucci On 2024/2/22 16:57:55
Good afternoon...I play with Model A Fords as well as Packards and help out in a shop that works on them one day a week. We see lots of them that have parts from all four years 1928 to 1931. Some people don't seem to know or care and just drive and enjoy. As long as they did not pay too much and are be it. We had one come in that was painted all white, including fenders...we told he guy that he had comitted a sin! He smiled and said 'The wife likes it! I suspect the same is true here. Someone obtained an unloved car, prehaps after an accident, improved it, made it roadable...and may not know that the parts are from different years and models or even care! The parts at least more or less fit...At least it is a Packard and it is on the road!...all in all not too bad for a trip for Ice Cream on Saturday night with the Grand Kids. For a purist...Oh My God, It's a nightmare! Ernie in Arizona

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