Re: Auction: '50 Super Eight, Stillwater, MN, June 6, 2020

Posted by 58L8134 on 2020/4/11 11:51:07
Hi Chris

Auctions depend completely on who attends and how badly two bidders want a car or whatever. At this time, Tim makes a good point that discretionary funds are being held back in anticipation of uncertain times. I'd opine this seller couldn't have scheduled his auction for worst time if he hopes for good returns on most of those cars.

My opinion, for what its worth, dependent upon how well that '50 Super runs and looks in person still will attract very little interest. Other that we Packard folks, they are a very low demand car. It might sell for between $1K-$2K, not much more. It probably would clean up decently, the interior has been redone to be functional, not factory correct. As a daily driver, you could have a good time with it, enjoy the stick with overdrive on long cruises.

As the date gets closer, watch to see if its bid up or ignored. If the latter, take a flyer on it if its cheap, have it shipped to you and have fun!


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