Re: Auction: '50 Super Eight, Stillwater, MN, June 6, 2020

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2020/4/11 18:35:17
Hey, thanks Tim, John, Steve & John... appreciate your input. I am no financier but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this current situation we're all dealing with, WILL have a devastating financial impact. And, in my opinion, for years to come. I was querying 'real value' on that '50, not because I thought THIS particular time would yield a 'down and dirty' crash net on the car, but more wanting to know what you guys thought it was realistically worth in the fair, open market. I am very inexperienced in antique and classic cars and this '39 I have is my first-ever collector car. (not even sure if that is the right name for it! I got clipped for calling it a classic car by somebody, I suppose its an antique!?) I constantly look at the 'for sale' stuff online and know there is a significant disparity in most cases between asking and actual sell-price; sometimes a GREAT disparity if the owner is just fishing or has an over-inflated perception of the value of HIS vehicle. That '50 is a nice enough looking car and I would expect to see it listed at $5-$6K if it were just in the for-sale section, with the guy taking somewhere between $3&$4K if the buyer knew what he was doing and waved cold cash. When you say $1-$2 Steve, that surprises me. Then given the 'here & now' with global recession and all the uncertainty, I imagine it WILL sell very low, and that is too bad for the seller/good for the buyer; but, as they say, 'timing is everything'. Not sure what we should all be buying or selling right now; I know myself, I'm just kind of in lock-down mode and not making ANY moves at this time, rather taking a 'wait and see' approach. Crazy times, that's for sure! Chris.

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