Re: Auction: '50 Super Eight, Stillwater, MN, June 6, 2020

Posted by Brian Wilson on 2020/4/12 4:05:24
Another angle is that most older cars are getting much harder to sell, even in "normal" times.

Ask anybody under about 45 years of age what sort of old car they like. Most will answer 1960s-1970s. Oh, and it has to be automatic because most can't drive a manual. They're less concerned about originality. Hence all the "resto-mods" with modern drive trains, which sometimes attract premium prices.

There's more money around now than in the past, but for different sorts of old cars.

What this means is that there are fewer buyers out there for our sort of cars - except for those which can be clearly classified as "investment" grade. This includes some Packard senior models, particularly coach built or open cars. The value of these cars will usually diminish with regular use, though.

This generational shift is normal, and applies equally to things like vintage race cars.

So what does it mean for us?

Unless you're buying an older vehicle as a major investment, buy something you really like at the right price. Use and enjoy it, recognising that it might not appreciate in value and is unlikely to appeal to your kids/grandkids. And of course, don't tell your wife about this!


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