Re: PLEASE READ - Packard projects available Now.

Posted by flackmaster on 2021/7/28 12:32:36
Kevin, I would love to help you get your next project, however, unless you can come up with a transport option, you will have to wait. There are 2 56-400s that are in the way, I hope Ross is able to come get one, not sure of the fate of the other, but when a very nice 56-400 driver was advertised in the latest CNB for 13K, that is summary judgment on taking on a project.
As for 41-160's....yeah, there's a bunch. What I might suggest would be the 41-120 sedan that needs the rebuilt engine installed. It is a very very worthy project and you would have nearly the same car as a 160 without anywhere near the cost/effort. It was a decent running/driving car before the engine got yanked for a rebuild.
You have already been through so much, no point in jumping into the deep end again.

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