In the interest of being fair

Posted by Wat_Tyler on 2021/9/18 5:30:58
There seems to be a growing and spreading rumor on this-here message board that Wat is cornering the market on '41-'47 Clippers, and coupes in particular, and he wishes to say, this just ain't so. And - he's just about run out of room.

Facebook Marketplace: ... 17-4182-acd2-e5b9f7598ea6

1947 Clipper 2100. Looks to be a no options (no EC visible in the engine compartment and no o/d cut-out switch inside) car, seems complete, and the A-pillar shot in the pictures of the passenger side seems to look okay at the floor. Of course, there's no driver's view. Price seems okay at $2,800 and it seems fairly complete. Between Toledo and Detroit. Maroon/brown, I think, like mine. ... 8e4f513ac35a9&oe=6169D7BA

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