Re: weather strip door kit 1955 Caribbean

Posted by BigKev on 2021/10/12 21:11:38
There really is no instruction manual. But generally from what I remember on my car and based on the image of the part from Steele website which is very similar, the Hinge pillar part is glued with weather strip adhesive to the pillar. But the fenders have to be removed first, as the seal is wedged between the edge of the fender and the body. There are flaps that tucks under the rocker and under the windshield trim. If there is a screw hole you use those as well, but most of it is glued.

As far as the permitted door trim, its glued on as well. You want the ends to meet at middle at bottom of the door.

Use the good black 3M weatherstip adhesive.

If you don't have your old seals still on for reference, ask for pictures from other owners on here.

Keep in mind, until the weatherstrip compresses and molds a bit, the door will be a bit stiff to close. Best to do it in a warm garage as it makes things more flexible.

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