Re: Packard NO RESERVE auction

Posted by Tim Cole on 2021/11/7 9:55:58
The miscellaneous parts issue is a lesson as to why this sort of hoarding should be liquidated while you still have your wits. If you are going to hoard unto death do it in cash.

There is that Caribbean with the air cleaner on it. If nobody buys it that part goes to the junkyard, however, once the scrapper hauls it away I'm sure they will sell those bits and pieces. Turnquist did it right, he shut down Claasic Cars Inc. and got rid of everything. These situations pale in comparison to the historic architecture that has been torn down for the same reasons.

I knew someone who was an expert at obtaining titles for these situations. It can be done, but he's gone. The biggest mistake can be talking to the DMV first and having them block the process. Seek out an experienced fixer and pay them to handle it unless you know how your state DMV works. I know of stolen cars that have not seen the light of day in decades and decades.

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