Re: Packard NO RESERVE auction

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2021/11/23 12:07:28
Current scrap car price is $225/ton, so if they bid more than a hundred, plus costs, they lost money. I don't think the yards are that dumb. They'll wait for the "disappointed" buyers to bring them in. let them take the loss.
I figured once the word got out, it'd be well represented, that's why I posted previously, hearing from another source since the July post did not mention the auction or collection.
I speculate that the two mentioned were speculators with pocket lined with cash.
Not many places you can make "N"x your money these daze. But won't happen over night either. That's why I wondered why they didn't offer this as one lot earlier. As the old blacksmith said, strike when the iron is hot. These don't come around often, and fewer each year. The Murphy's law of auction says, they'll have not quite what you want, be too far away, or timing not right.
Well, can anyone say when they're going to get ill or die? Some people have a disease about this and others put their whole life into it, only to have life come up and smack 'em across the chops unexpectedly.
I don't like to speculate, discuss what's at the core, repeat hearsay, but the building seems to be a motive force here. Let's wait for the next phase(s). Hopefully, they'll be through the learning curve.

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