Re: Packard NO RESERVE auction

Posted by Wat_Tyler on 2021/11/24 4:25:28

r1lark wrote:

Wat_Tyler wrote:
I have to say that I am very positively impressed that the old car folks stepped up and bought all but 2 of these cars.

Do you think that maybe scrappers (sorry, they are 'recyclers' today ) purchased some of these (the ones that went for a few hundred bucks)? Not sure what scrap prices are these days, but there is a lot of metal in those old Packards.

The one Packard in this auction that was sold by my family's Packard dealership (#88, serial 2552-5396, a four door) wend for $300 to a bidder named 'budlight', who I see bought a number of other low priced cars. I don't have any hope this car will live much longer.

Does Wat think? Are you kidding?? Wat thinks all the time - he can't turn the damned thing off.

Leaving aside the animate/inanimate discussion, I would submit that those cars weren't really "living" cooped up in a turn-of-last-century warehouse. Parts are nigh on impossible to find, especially the specialized ones. So if those cars - and most of them will because that what they're good for - get parted out, then so be it. Then, maybe, some working stiff can get his Sunday driver finished, or put the final touches on the next show winning trailer queen. Either way, I reckon it's a better use of the cars than where they were when we first heard of them.

If a person is going to waste time thinking, then try to be positive about it.

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