Re: Packard NO RESERVE auction

Posted by Tim Cole on 2021/11/24 17:19:38
I was amazed that someone bought those cars sitting outside in the weather. Ten years ago a four cylinder aluminum engine block would bring $300. So in today's hyperinflation who knows why they are buying those cars? Materials prices are skyrocketing while the central bankers continue to hand out fake zero interest rate money. I wouldn't be surprised to see 30% inflation as the USA goes into a third world country style collapse. I grew up in a different time and I don't assume that everything is coming up rosy. On the high seas if you don't look out for danger at every swell you end up with Davy Jones.

Back to those cars, I knew someone who had two 53 Caribbeans. One had a cracked block so he took the motor out of the other and it had a cracked block as well. So some of those engine blocks might be worth something.

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