1934 Coupe For Sale

Posted by Richard Lambert on 2022/5/13 17:35:38
1934 Packard 1101-2/4 Coupe

Packards magnificent 11th. series represents the pinnacle of all Packards. The 2/4 passenger coupe styling department drastically chopped the roof height from previous years, giving the ‘34 coupe a low and sleek look. The 1101 chassis based on a 136.5 in. wheelbase, with a straight 8, 320 cu.in. 120 hp. engine. Weight of 4,500 lbs. and sold for $2,550 in 1934.
Restoration finished in 2019, car was in good shape when I bought it except for a lot of chrome work needed. I had the rear bumper, the rumble seat step and windshield frame chromed. The hood vents handles are made from pot metal which were bad. I had new ones molded out of silicone bronze and chromed. I added chrome trim rings and a total engine repaint, chrome acorn nuts, etc. New clutch, new starter, new brake shoes, 4 new Firestone tires, new running board covers, new shutter thermostat and LED bulbs. All gauges work even the clock. The car starts, drives, shifts and stops great.
$159,000 obo

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