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Posted by packardsix1939 on 2022/6/23 11:10:21
You could try to retrieve the original 1942 180 sent to the Norwegian royal family. This one was enroute when the ship carrying it was torpedoed by a German U-Boat somewhere in the North Atlantic. Unfortunately, it is thousands of feet down and probably doesn't look too good after being underwater for 80 years. The second car was able to make it past the U-boats safely to Norway and this is the one owned by the royal family today.

A partially restored 1942 180 was recently sold at the C. Lewis Ablelove collection auction. Car only brought a top bid of $3,000, but it really needed a lot of work. Here is a picture I took of it at the auction site. It looked complete, but stuff was just piled up inside. It would probably take a small fortune to bring this car back.

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