Re: A few listings from Facebook Marketplace

Posted by packardsix1939 On 2022/12/2 12:52:24
Here are a few more I would like to post:

1940 120 Coupe in NY: Not sure I like the hot rod flat black paint job, but it looks like a relatively solid car that still has the original drivetrain instead of the usual Chevy small block.

1940 110 Sedan in Syracuse, NY: Looks like a really good original car. Just like my first Packard, but much nicer:

Solid looking 1941 Clipper from PA: Decent looking first year Clipper:

1941 120 Coupe with dual sidemounts. Love this one; looks like a very worthy project. Ad says it has been in storage for over 50 years:

Really trashed 1940 110 sedan: Probably just a parts car at this point, or maybe rod material. Seller is throwing in a Chevy Blazer chassis in case you really want to build a four-wheel drive Packard. Not sure this would be a good idea:

Rare 1952 Mayfair hardtop from Indiana looks good, but I do see some rust bubbling up in spots. But you don't often see these early Packard hardtops for sale and this one definitely has potential. I really like these.

Barn find 1955 Patrician just pulled from 50-year storage. Obviously needs alot and looks like it took a hit to the front

Decent original 1956 400 in Indiana. Supposedly has only 67K original miles. Gee, I didn't know that Chrysler Corporation made Packards. The seller seems to think so.

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