Re: A few listings from Facebook Marketplace

Posted by packardsix1939 On 2022/12/2 19:55:11
George. You are correct. Car has the round gauges as on a '42 or later Clipper. Does have the prewar grille. Rare car then. You don't see many 1942 anythings. True story:. My late dad owned a 1942 Clipper in partnership with his younger brother (my Uncle Joe) after they both returned from WW II. It was an Eight Club Sedan. My dad actually proposed to my mom in that very car. Unfortunately, Uncle Joe totaled the Clipper not long afterwards. Apparently, he managed to drive it head on into a tree. Have only ever seen two 1942 Clipper Club Sedans. One belonged to PAC member Bob Teller from NJ. Beautiful restoration and it won many awards.

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