Re: Wanted to Buy 1955-56 Caribbean

Posted by Tigeress1517 On 2022/12/6 23:14:12

humanpotatohybrid wrote:
Sent a DM.

Unless you have a strong preference, I would lean towards the 56 Patrician, it's cheaper. The 400 is very original and they want a bit of a premium for it seems like, though both have the original drivetrain and upholstery still. Not to mention that normally 55 prices are 5-10% higher than 55, and they are rarer too. Just food for thought.

If you get to talking, I might be able to drop by and get some more pics/videos. The seller doesn't live near the cars, they are stored in her dad's friend's garage. It's unusual but I purchased my 400 from her so I know it's legitimate.

Do you know the process for titling imported vehicles in Australia?

Thank you for your insights, it is greatly appreciated. I have emailed the owner and I am currently in discussions.
As for importing to Australia, as long as the car has clear titles and over 30 years old, no modifications need to be done. A lot of paperwork, lol, but thats what i pay the importer to do.

I will keep everyone updated!!

Thank you all for your wisdom!!

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