Re: Wanted to Buy 1955-56 Caribbean

Posted by Ozstatman On 2022/12/6 23:52:08
humanpotatohybrid wrote:....Do you know the process for titling imported vehicles in Australia?
When I bought the '41 120 Club Coupe from the USA back in 2007 the "titling" wasn't an issue as long as you had a clear US title for the car. The car needed to pass a safety and mechanical inspection in my State(New South Wales) I would expect a similar set up for Trigresses State(Western Australa).

A major factor in importing a car into OZ is that the paperwork, including the title, must be in order. As part of that process DFAT(A Government body - The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) must issue an Import Permit for the car. No Import Permit, no import. Got the Permit easily on line then sweated on the title arriving because the car was on a Ship before I received the title from the US. Title arrived before the ship docked, so all was well. The only surprise was, having to pay the government 10 percent GST(Goods and Services Tax) of the purchase price of a secondhand car.

Now it's even tougher importing cars with Asbestos being brought into the equation. ie no asbestos in brake and clutch linings or in gaskets or anywhere else in the car. Prior inspection before shipping together with certification that it is "asbestos free" is your best bet. Otherwise, it will be taken to a facility and pulled apart (at your expense) to determine whether it is asbestos free or not.

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