Re: 1956 Packard 400 For Sale

Posted by Andrew M On 2022/12/10 23:06:48

jw4 wrote:
Hi Andrew,

I am interested. Saw it on FB, then went ahead to research about the TL suspension, found this forum, and here it is :)

Do you have more pictures? I am specifically interested in the under-body and all the corrosion-prone spots.
Do you know how much body work was done to in when it was re-painted? Does the TLS work?

Moreover, I assume that you did not get a chance to either upgrade the brakes, or repair the transmission issues, as you planned, correct?


No rust on the car. Bottom of car looks great. Floor pans are pretty much perfect. Only spot with rust is where the exhaust moisture caused some on the side of the the inner metal piece next to it under the car. Car was always garaged. I have owner history and have talked to every family back to when it was new. I've had door panels and rear side panels out looking at inner doors and inner quarter panels. No sign of rust or previous repair. Do not know much about bodywork before painting, however I do have pictures when they stripped it before they painted it. Paint is not perfect, but nice. Everything but front bumper and taillights have been rechromed. They are still very presentable though. Torsion level works just like factory. Every option works. Clock is only thing that doesn't work properly, it works very seldom. Brakes and transmission work as designed, but I don't particularly like the treadle-vac system, and wanted overdrive as far as the transmission goes. I bought the kits several months back, but haven't had time to work on it. Car runs great and drives. Overall it is a pretty nice car.I can send you some more pictures of the car if you would like. My phone number is 706-273-0219. Feel free to call or text if interested. Thanks.

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