Re: 1956 Packard Patrician for Project or Parts- Asking $3,000

Posted by Leeedy On 2023/9/28 15:20:31

Carl Jr wrote:
Very helpful discussion - and encouraging actually

Leeedy wrote:

Gotta ask... a


No need to do endoscope pics in cylinders or extraordinary measures.

And I believe if you scroll back through discussions on this site about starting V-8 Packards that have been sitting for extended period you will find my original recommendations/procedure.

I have started dozens and dozens and dozens of Packard V-8s over many years. I have always used Marvel Mystery Oil for a number of reasons.

My Quick Recommendations:

• Connect fuel line to a known, flowable source of clean gasoline, like a gas can (flow from the vehicle gas tank may be clogged and flex line to fuel pump may be perforated from age and rot).

• Remove air cleaner and check carb accuracy, completeness, operation, etc.

• Remove all spark plugs.

• Using a suitable method (I use a trigger-pump oiler) inject a squirt of MMO in each spark plug hole. Then allow to sit at least overnight.

• Attach a large breaker-bar type wrench and socket on the crankshaft vibration dampener bolt on front of the engine. Then slowly attempt to manually turn at least 1/2 revolution. If crank turns freely, allow to sit again overnight. If crank doesn't turn at this point, inject another MMO squirt, wait a day and try again. If still not turning, then you have bigger problems.

• If turning freely, then turn the crank at least two full turns. If all turns without problems, install known good spark plugs and reconnect wires in proper order.

• Connect battery and check for engine electrical operation. If all is well, turn the ignition key and crank over a few times. It should turn.

• It may be necessary to put a bit of gasoline down through the carburetor to prime a start. Be sure to install at least the flame arrestor section of the air cleaner.

The engine should start.

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