Re: 1956 Packard Patrician for Project or Parts- Asking $3,000

Posted by Leeedy On 2023/9/29 8:20:39
I have learned my lesson for the umpteenth time. I was simply attempting to help here. Period. I have owned at least two dozen V-8 Packards. I have worked on ALL of them.

I have re-started countless V-8 Packards that have been left sitting. Countless.

And I have been doing this since the 1960s.

I started buying old cars in high school– and that was a long, long time ago. So I learned a few things.

I realize this experience does not count today on the internet. But...that's a long time and a lot of Packards. Even though all this experience can be minimized on an internet forum down to nothing.

One reason why I rarely do many replies of this sort is that internet forums are often not havens for solutions. They are havens for endless arguments. ENDLESS.

And the almighty "wikipedia" and YouTube.

So. pooh-pooh my start-up recommendation. It has worked countless times. I have yet to bend valves or destroy an engine. And IF one pays attention when manually rotating a V-8, resistance with all of the spark plugs removed can be obvious.

All I am saying is that it is not necessary to perform brain surgery on an engine that was stored indoors and running when parked. Nor should it be necessary to be beating on valves and rockers with a hammer– no matter what YouTube or anyone else says.

There are exceptions to every procedure in automobiles. If anyone would know, it ought to be me. I have written my share of factory workshop manuals and corporate service bulletins at a professional OEM level of the automotive industry. Covering hundreds of thousands of cars.

Have fun and I will remain silent with no further comments on this wonderful topic.

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