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Posted by packardsix1939 On 2023/10/27 10:32:16

1935 1201 Convertible Victoria. An ambitious project, but one worth doing if you have the resources:

1939 Model 1703 Super 8 convertible coupe. Would love to own this one but think the price might be a bit high and there are some obvious condition issues. Older, somewhat deteriorated restoration with cracking in the paint in some areas. What do you think?


1934 Super 8 1105 parts car. Ad states car was originally a limo Body No. 755, Sedan-Limousine. This was the longest wheelbase model (147 inches) in 1934. Very rough and incomplete. Most of the body is gone or heavily rusted due to long term outdoor exposure, but drive train appears mostly intact. Ware, Massachusetts:

1941 120 Sedan. Looks like a decent car which would only need some minor work to be roadworthy. Major drawback is the horribly incorrect black vinyl interior. Kansas City, MO area:

1936 120 Convertible Coupe. Recent cosmetic restoration completed with new paint, top and interior. I was interested this car and corresponded earlier with the seller. Interesting back story as the car has been in the same family for over 60 years and apparently, it was a very solid, well maintained original car prior to restoration. Definitely worth a look if you desire a Packard of this model. Daytona Beach, FL:

Another 1936 120 Convertible Coupe. Price is ridiculous, but I really like this one. What do you think it is worth? I'd be interested for the right price. Salinas, CA

1946 Clipper LWB. Rough, but might have some possibilities as a parts car. Body does not look too bad. Orange county, CA:

Ebay motors:

1948 Custom 8 Convertible Victoria. Project car with typical rust in the floor pans and trunk area. Rest of car looks straight and complete, but it will apparently need pretty much everything. Just like the car used in "Back to the Future". Syracuse, NY area.

1939 120 Darrin Convertible Victoria. Magnificent car. Well, we all can dream, can't we. I suppose I could cash in my 401(K), but I don't think my wife would like that idea!

1941 120 convertible coupe from Long Island, NY. Looks like a nice car at a really great price.

Facebook Marketplace:

Just listed today - 1929 626 Coupe. Looks like a nice older restoration. New York:

1938 120 Convertible Coupe project car. Ad says it is a '38 but has '40 front clip. No drill outs for the '40 side mouldings and I am seeing a '38-'39 grille shell in the back seat area, so maybe you will only need to find the correct front fenders. Think this car came out of the C. Lewis Ablelove collecton. Body looks exceptionally solid, but it needs everything. I've looked for a '38 120 convertible coupe for years and have only found two that were unrestorable wrecks compared to this one, so it is a very rare car. If anyone on this forum is interested in taking this one on, please let me know. Car is located in Albany, NY.

1954 Henny Junior Ambulance. Needs everything, but body looks very straight as vehicle was originally from Colorado. Illinois:

1950 Station Sedan. Looks like a partially completed abandoned project. Long way to go. Indiana:

Ad does not state model, but it appears to be a 1939 Model 1703 Super 8 sedan. Abandoned restoration project but looks complete with good sheet metal. Has sidemounts. Those would look good on that 1938 120 project in Albany NY:

Just in time for Halloween. 1951 Henney Hearse. Looks like the one they used in the 1980 horror film "The Hearse" starring Trish Van Devere and Joseph Cotten. Arizona:

Had to get at least one V-8 in this post. 1955 Patrician in solid black. Looks like a decent original car. Minnesota:

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